Thursday, August 13, 2009


Stay tuned. I'm really, really, really going to try hard to get downstairs and upload some pictures of the house and of my little mischievious daughter... Or atleast, she LOOKS mischievious since I CUT HER BANGS! It's very nostalgic, b/c it makes her look so much older and brings a tear to my eye to think that she's pretty much gone through all of her 'baby firsts'! Minus the diapers... But, the bangs, oh the bangs, add a new zest to her personality & look.. I glance at her and have to chuckle!

We also got her a toddler bed (not transitioning yet, just found a heckofadeal!) and she's been asking to sit on the potty.... GASP! Granted, she hasn't done anything on said potty, but it's crazy that she understands to ask for the toilet paper to wipe her womanly parts! hahah! Such a funny kid!

Anyways, have an awesome weekend and I sure do hope to have some posts' that actually contain pictures soon!


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Courtney said...

I love the new look!