Monday, August 24, 2009


Thinking of transitioning in the next few weeks and I'm not quite sure I'm ready! Amelia is going to need the crib eventually and I don't know if I should do it before or after she is born! I've heard of some horror stories of doing it after... We'll see. Cyd is such a trooper, I don't think she'll have much of a problem... She transitioned to the new house like it was nothing, so we'll see! A new bed is a whole new ball game!

I welcome any advice or suggestions! ;-)


The Utley Crew said...

I think she will do great, and I would do it BEFORE the baby gets here. :) We made a big deal out of Abby's new big girl bed and how she was such a good big sister for giving Olivia her crib, etc. The only thing to be ready for....they can get up when they want now! haha! We laughed so hard the first time we were staning in the kitchen and out walked Abby when she was already put to bed for the night. But, after a while the fun of that wore off and she goes right to bed and stays there until she wakes up, and most of the time will still yell for us to come get her, instead of coming out of her room.

Rachel said...

Ugh. I'm in the same boat! I've made it even harder on myself by letting Emme sleep in bed with us since FEBRUARY! lol What a mistake. I am so close to d-day now though that I am just going to wait a little while (probably until the baby moves from bassinet to crib) to make her sleep in her own bed. I don't want her blaming the baby for getting kicked out of our room!
So, I'm going to wait until the baby is around 3 months and then make a really big deal out of both of them sleeping in their own beds in their own room. Maybe you could do the same with Cyd?

Anonymous said...

I always thought I would do it before. But I recently read in Healthy Sleep, Happy Child that after is the way to go. However, we both know what garbage can be in books. So Just go with what ya know! BTW...Avery has that same dress, that same doll, and that same pack and play. HAHA! Lesley

katy said...

This is just my two cents based on no experience whatsoever. :)

I would wait until Cydni is trying to climb out of her crib to transition her. I have heard two different parents tell me that the worst thing they ever did was transition out of the crib too soon. They have advised to wait until it is absolutely neccessary. Of course, I don't have a baby on the way, but if I were in your shoes (I have thought this through in the past) is I would put the new baby in a pack n'play for a while. They won't know a difference and little ones can sleep in the pack n'play for months! You could always set up Cyd's new room and set the pack n'play in there if you want Amelia to have her own room (which I assume you probably do).

That's just based on advice I've been given! I've heard that transition kinds of things (cribs to beds, diapers to potty, etc.) goes better when you can reason a little bit and when kids understand a rewards system.

Aimee said...

You guys have been busy! She looks like such a little girl! Love the bed, good luck, I'll stay tuned for advice, we are SOOOO not ready!