Tuesday, September 1, 2009

b/c I ain't got not shame! ;-) 36 Weeks!

So, b/c I ain't got no shame or dignity, I lost that when I labored & gave birth to my daughter - you mothers know what I'm talking about, I thought I'd do my regular monthly picture in a way that would shed you all in on a little light into my world the past 4 weeks... Literally, this is what I've looked liked almost everyday. Mix up a few different colors of tanks and maybe one other pair of pants and there you have it. I've lived, breathed and suffocated myself in what we call 'updating a house with our touch'! ;-) haha. Wearing a mask is for the birds, that's for sure! So, if you look closely on the shirt, there's a little brown for the painting we've done in most of the house, there's a little green from the hall bath, some pink from Amelia's room, some yellow from Cyd's room, some white paint & caulk from the trim, maybe some spray-paint from 'reinventing' and I think that may be it! Actually, throw in some dirt from the work we've done outside too!..

And,while I was high on paint (joking-please don't think I'm hurting my child), apparently, unbeknownst to me, I met the cable guy like this! Kasie & I were painting and he knocked on the door and there I stood...shirt creeping up my belly, hair raised b/c of the elastic strap on my mask and my pants way too low (I just can't help that part). No wonder why he wouldn't look at me while he was asking me questions! Seriously!

The reason I'm cracking up in this photo is b/c Matt is saying, 'You seriously look like white trash right now!' Probably, b/c I am... hehe.
I really, really hope this is going to pay off, b/c I'm beat-up and living in sheer chaos. Hopefully, tomorrow, we will be able to put the pieces back together mostly! Atleast in the front 2 rooms!
Welcome to my world!

So, obviously, the pregnancy is going well! She hasn't vacated herself after all this craziness, so I'm assuming she's going to stay put till it's time to kick her out! ;-) I have had heart-burn lately though... Maybe she's going to have a 'fro' like her daddy! We shall see in 3 weeks!
Happy Wednesday! Man, I need to get to bed! Night! Lesley, I'm working on the email! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet!
Much love!


deyoungsters said...

andrea, it is entirely not fair that you look so cute at 36 weeks in painting clothes! seriously. :)

Brooke said...

You are so darn cute! keep up the good work!!

katy said...

Way to go, Momma! You are getting a LOT done, way more than I am and I am not pregnant!