Saturday, September 19, 2009

on the transition to the big girl bed...

You.Amaze.Me... It seems that nothing will phase you when it comes to your sleep.... -knock on wood... (not that I really believe that that helps...i digress)- You've been in your big girl bed for 2 weeks now and you've acted like we haven't done or changed anything! you.are.a.dream. Thank you very much! ;-) And you melt my heart in the mornings.... Ya wanna know why??? B/C, almost every morning I find you sitting in your bed reading your Tiny Bear Baby Bible that I leave on your bedside table. So sweet! ;-)
One thing that we did was that we have bed rails up that are pretty much as big as the bed (b/c we intended on getting a twin-size bed, but stumbled upon this one.) So, it's kinda like a 'step-down' crib... ;-) It's working, so I'm not complaining one bit!
I've got one finishing piece to put in Cydni's room and I will post a picture! I love it! It's all thanks to Arlene!
Much Love! Happy Wednesday! Well, by the time this posts' it will be Saturday, so hope you're having a great weekend!

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