Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mimi ~ Sissy

Miss Cydni is just loving being a big sister! I'm so incredibly thankful that the Lord gave me the experience to witness sisterly love at its best! Cydni woke up this morning saying 'Sissy!' She's my little helper, throwing diapers away, getting me wipes and giving 'Mimi' her paci (what we've been calling her - Cyd came up with it, so I guess Mia is no more! :-)). She wants to hold her all the time and anytime I'm changing Amelia's diaper, she'll lay right down beside her & want hers changed too! It's been so fun watching them!


Arlene said...

They are precious!

katy said...

So sweet! I love Amelia's nickname! Much better than mine for Kara, I used to call her "Bobbi". :)

Brooke said...

It is getting so close ... just a few more days and we get to meet miss Mia!
Love the pics!