Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Rock

I can't say enough about this sweet little girl. She's our rock. Yes, we have our moments, but I tell you what, she's the one person in this house that has held it together the past two months! ;-) She's her consistent little self and nothing seems to phase her! She's so's amazing. The Lord has blessed me immensely and I'm so proud to call her my daughter. I couldn't be more proud of her with how she's transitioned into be a 'big sis' and having to share the spotlight. Gosh, I just love her to pieces. Thank you Miss Cyd for always being there for mommy! ;-)

Lately: It's like she has grown up overnight...I can't believe I'm planning her second birthday party!!!

~She's been saying 'hon' all the time! 'It's alright, hon.' 'Thanks, hon'... hon...hon... hon... Almost every sentence ends with it! ;-)

~Loves drawing

~Mommy's helper! She imitates everything I do with her babies. Diaper, powder, sucking the nose, you name it...your baby gets it!

~Loves reading

~She's been annunciating (sp?) words so well and speaking in complete sentences.

~She counts to 10 now....when she wants. However, lately, she's been skipping 2 & 3 for some reason.

~Every shape is a diamond and every color is pink! haha Some days are better than others in this department! ;-)

She loves wearing her daddy's Colts hat!
What are those eyes saying!?

'Feeding' her baby! haha! I crack up at this! She feeds her doggy too!

So proud of our tour!

She loves her some t.v.
Happy Wednesday! Much Love!


katy said...

Complete sentences? Wow! She is one smart cookie. :) I'm sure it helps having such a laid-back first-born! Such a blessing when you have a newborn while she is so young, it sounds like God sure did know what he was doing. :)

the lewis gang said...

they certainly are amazing and resilient, aren't they? jackson became a big bro and moved into a new house with he was 18 months old all within 5 weeks of each other. so similar to cydni! they certainly know how to keep it together! good thing somebody does, huh?! :)