Thursday, November 26, 2009

quality time.

This past week brought a few visitors to the Naville Household! We are so blessed with such great family and friends and their visits were nice, relaxing and good for the soul!

First up: Poppy!

Cydni adores my dad. They don't get to see each other as much as my dad wants, but I swear, when Cydni sees him, it's like they haven't skipped a beat! It's sweet and warms my heart.

My daughter refuses to take pictures anymore. ugh.

She woke up from her nap and laid on dad for an hour! aaahhh...

Next up: The Jones'!

Sadly, yet happily, our dear, dear friends are moving to Hotlanta.. So they ventured over our way to get all of our boxes on Saturday. It was so good to see them one last time before they are off! Matt just informed me that he may have to go to Atlanta for work in January, so they may have a few visitors! ;-) hehe.

Cyd loves Ty!

Is this not a freak-of-nature child! She's bridging on her head and scoots all over the floor like that! Her huge bald spot on the back of her head is cute and hilarious!
Can you believe they are 5 months apart!? Dakota, Mimi and Jax


And Finally: Chad, Jen, Ayela & Makenna
They came down to stock up on some Pops Reserve Wine! I still chuckle when I think of Mr. Busch Light being a Wino! ;-) haha! We loved having you all!

Seriously, how do you twin momma's (and daddy's ;-)) do it!?

He really can read! ;-) haha

Aeyla, Amelia and Makenna ~ About a month apart.

Makenna, Amelia & Ayela
Thanks everyone for making the trip! It was great to see you all!! Love you guys!

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