Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playdates and Get-Togethers

This last six weeks has flown by! I don't know what all we've been doing, but it seems like we've had plans pretty much every weekend since Amelia has arrived. Here's a little taste!
Dad & Debbie came to visit one weekend.


Cyd with all her Naville cousins. Obviously, she wouldn't cooperate.
Ring-Around-The-Rosie! So much fun!


Uncle Curt, Aunt Tina, Heather and Ansley came to visit another weekend.

Rocky snuggled right up to Uncle Curt.

Heather & Amelia

Aunt Tina & Amelia

Ansley and Cyd were fast friends!

My college roomies came to a few weeks after Amelia was born and it was an awesome visit! It's so great when we all get together.. We never miss a beat no matter how long we've been apart! ;-)
Brooke has a better run-down of pictures on her blog, The Jones Family.


I needed to get out of the house one day, so off to Ben & Jude's we go! ;-)


And another day.. Off to Vevies (that's what Cyd calls her)!

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