Sunday, November 8, 2009

Outside Fun!

Walks like this take forever.... and we only get a few houses down... She has fun though! ;-)

Amelia slept the whole time. Miss chunker is now upwards of over 12 lbs! She has found her hand and is cooing and smiling so much! Melts our hearts!

Cyd's new thing now is saying 'hon'... all.the.time. She ends almost every sentence with it and it's so darn cute! Obvioulsy, Matt and I must say it way too much! ;-)

Pushing our 'babies'!
Cyd loved playing in the leaves!


katy said...

Walks like that take us forever too, but they are so much fun and always bring the neighbors out to say hello. :) Cyd's hair is getting so long and it looks really light in the outdoor pictures! I can't believe that our babies are almost technically not babies anymore. :(

Anonymous said...

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