Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cydni & Evie's 2nd Birthday!

This is going to be a looong post with lots of pictures, b/c I'm combining a b-day party & photo shoot of the girls! If some of you didn't know, Cydni was born 2 days after her cousin Evie. They are partners in crime and love/argue just like sisters do! ;-) It's going to be interesting to see what they're like when they're teens! I had a great time planning & preparing for their big day with Tiff! Their party was a lollipop theme. We had 'dum dum' suckers everywhere and just used primary colors for napkins, plates, balloons, etc. Very budget friendly and it turned out really cute! In my opinion, the pictures don't do it justice... I was a little stressed out, b/c there wre going to be almost 50 people at our house, but it turned out great and I shouldn't have worried about a thing. Enough of the chatter, here's the pictures!

First up, the invite! My great friend Arlene made them for us. Too cute!

The gang...

I don't know if Matt would've let Evie's great-grandpa in the house if he knew he was wearing that UK jacket! ;-)

Their cakes...

The two little darlings that we've been so blessed to share TWO (really!??), TWO years with! We love them more than words can convey. This is the only good picture I got of the night. I let everyone else take care of the picture taking! Cyd LOVED the cake, Evie, notsomuch.. She liked feeding it to everyone else! ;-)

And I just had to share Miss Evelyn passed out on the couch. Dan & Tiff stayed and watched the Colts game with us and she CRASHED! by the way... GO COLTS!

See her in the background as the boys are watching the game??? This chick can sleep anywhere!

OK, now onto the PHOTOSHOOT!

They were little stinkers, but somehow, Aunt B captured some good candid moments! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (for the most part)...

Bonus points if you can tell me what they're saying! ;-)

They had a blast doing it, but just didn't want to stop to take a picture! ;-)

Love how this one turned out.

So sweet!

On another note, it was so hard for me to be opening the many gifts that Cydni received from very gracious loved ones in the midst of the earthquake in Haiti. My heart hurts for them. Seeing the pictures of the devastation really makes me appreciate all of the many blessings I have. Mostly, Matt, my darling little angels, family and friends. I pray that each of them know how much I truly love them. I also pray that all of the people affected by the earthquake will seek the Lord for strength, hope and mostly faith that He will see them through this horrible devastation. Monetery giving for Haiti is awesome, but we also need to remember to pray!
That's enough of my rambling! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Much love!

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