Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm so thankful...

on this Mother's Day for two beautiful, healthy, sweet and loving girls.

Our New York Princess.
Playing with her bubbles. You'll see in her next picture what she's doing! Bubbles have become an almost daily ritual.
I couldn't pick which one I liked the most... Gotta love the 'cheese' from Cyd. And Miss Mimi being her somber self. However, she does get CRAZY sometimes. It's either one or the other!
Gotta love Target $ Spot! She loves this thing!

Our Somber Bulldog. ;-)

I hope all you momma's out there are enjoying your day! You deserve it!
Happy Mother's Day, especially to Debbie H. & Debbie N. (Yes, my mother-in-law is named Debbie too)! We love you!

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Brooke said...

Thinking about you! Hope you had a great day!!