Saturday, May 22, 2010

A whole new world... 8 months

Oh, how she melts my heart. I wish I still had her headband on in this picture. She looked so darn cute! Lord, where is the time going!? Can I please press pause, b/c!
Anyways, what's Mimi up to nowadays?

We are getting into such a fun stage with her. It's become a new world now that she's mastered sitting-up and joining the rest of us to interact and play. I can't imagine being stuck on my back and belly all of the time. So, I'm sure it's as cool for her as it is us.

~She's pretty much down to two naps. It just all depends on what time she wakes up from her second nap.

~She absolutely loves biter biscuits and she still doesn't know what to think about puffs. Her face is hilarious when you put them in their mouth.

~She crinkles her nose all the time now and it's s.o. CUTE! (Sorry, I'm a doting mom).

~She has a problem with her thumb... ;-) She even tries to suck it while she taking her bottle. Or, she'll have her thumb in her mouth and won't even be sucking it! ;-) She looks so darn precious doing it though! (Sorry, again, well.. No, I'm not!)

~She mimicks... My nephew, Jude, was over and everytime he would cough at the supper table, she would too!

~She's babbling a ton. Especially her 'b's' ~ baba bebe bubu... and 'y's' ~ yayayayaya! I keep working on dada and mama, but she crinkles that nose and smiles and I have to stop and kiss all over her cheeks.

~She gets to wherever she needs to go by rolling everywhere. She'll eye what she wants, get those hands moving to set her body in alignment with said object and start rolling! It's quite impressive! I'm not promoting crawling. She's my baby... She's not allowed to do that yet. ;-) Plus, I'm not ready for it! She has sticky hands as it is, so I can't imagine what it's going to be like when she's on the loose! I am kind of sad to say that just within the last day she's used my body to get herself up on her knees. AND, I put Cyd in her crib yesterday and they were playing around and she started pulling herself up on the rails! This is not allowed! ;-)

~She loves watching the doggies and Miss Cyd!


If you can believe it, I haven't taken hardly any pictures that you haven't already seen this month... That's why there are only two. Sorry!

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Brooke said...

I love the thumb part ... Kota does that too! And .... I am a dot mom too :)
See you so soon!