Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Lovin'!

Our daily ritual. Cydni & Mimi just love the water!

It's amazing the chill factor that kiddo's can withstand! Only my feet were getting wet! ;-) The slide is the best part! This year, she really gets into it!

Bottles are now enjoyed outside.

Doing a semi-krinkle of the nose...

Bath-time baby now belongs in the pool. Thanks, Arlene! It's a huge hit, inside and out!

Jump, jump, jump around!

It's been quite toasty these past few days, but it hasn't stopped our little fire-cracker from getting me outside... I've only been able to sit in the sun for 30 minutes, max, then I'm off to the shade (or pool, after it warms up)! What happened to me!? I would spend my entire summer in high-school out by our pool and it never phased me! ahaha. That tan doesn't mean near as much to me nowadays! ;-)


katy said...

I hear you! I am dying in the sun after a while and I always try to find a shady spot to sit in while Kendra plays. :) Love the pool, it looks like the girls are having a great time!

Arlene said...

Oh to be a child again! Love the photos! I want in that pool too! haha