Thursday, July 22, 2010

10 Months

I literally hit 'enter' 4 times in-between paragraphs and it keeps running together! So frustrating! Any suggestions as to what I'm doing? It may be b/c I started this post so long ago and have added to it alot..?? Annoying, nonetheless.
Here's my monthly breakdown (for my records) of the past month with our sweet Mimi. She's such a happy little girl and it's amazing how much they change month to month... That's why I try to write every little thing down when it happens... b/c regardless if you want to or not, you WILL eventually forget when it happened...
*Pulling up on everything, even taking a few steps along the couch.. No walking in our near future though, b/c she's very unsteady!
*4 teeth.
*She dances when music comes on.
*Bull-dozes you over if a toy is on the other side of you. She straight puts her head down goes right after it! ;-)
*Caught us completely off-guard the other day and said, 'bye' when Aunt B was over visiting/taking pictures for her 9 month photos.
*Mad crawler. It's kinda sad to see her fat, chunky legs slimming down.... ;-(
*BIG eater! The only thing she has been refusing is avocado. I don't blame her. I'm not a fan unless it's fancied up! We're predominately on table food. I'll throw her baby food in there just b/c I'm trying to get rid of it... I can't get myself to throw it away.
*Takes 2 naps a day.
*I don't know why sometimes, but she loves, loves, love her sissy and just CRACKS up when she sees her and loves playing hide-n-seek with her! And the boys. She'll just start squeeling when she see's them.
*She pats our backs all the time.. Too sweet!
*She loves blowing raspberries in our faces!
*She knows the words yes and NO. We'll say, "No, no, Mimi!" She'll look up, smile and shake her head back and forth. It's quite comical.
Some of these photos (obvious which ones they are), are from our 9 month photo shoot with Aunt B! They turned out awesome... considering we did them in a matter of 30 minutes! It was so darn hot out! It's hard to believe, but the next photo shoot will be for her FIRST BIRTHDAY! Yes, you heard that right. Yes, it goes so much faster the second time around and yes, it's just as and unbelievable the second time around too... (Did that make sense? It did when I was typing it, but I'm not so sure anymore! ;-))
Boating at Patoka! Thanks Uncle Mark!

At Aunt Lisa & Uncle Mark's place in Patoka.


O'Bannon State Park
Much Love!

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Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I was blog hopping tonight and came across your blog. I hope you don't mind that I'm your newest follower but there were so many things about your blog that caught my eye! I have twin girls that just turned one, but should only really be about 10 months old because they were born 11 weeks your daughter reminds me of them. I also have a son that is just over 2 and a half. Then I saw that your girls have and "Aunt B" do my kids! And one of our nieces is named Sydney...just spelled differently than your Cydni.