Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cydni ~ 2 1/2 Years Old!

For Pete's Sake! When did my baby get so big!?

She's like my little mini-me (except her hair has curls and mine doesn't)..

She's emotional, a follower, bull-headed, a mother-hen, picky, tender-hearted, peace-keeper, just wants everyone to get along and talk to her and the list just goes on... My heart just breaks when she goes up and tries to talk to little one's and they don't acknowledge her. Sometimes, it's justified (b/c she has a tendency to boss), but mostly it's just her trying to start conversation. It hasn't happened often, but the handful of times it has, it s.t.i.n.g.s... Just a little taste of what our future is going to hold. I wish I could protect her from all of those hard, confusing times, but I know that she just has to work through them & move on. Seriously, I'm talking about a 2 year old here! I'll move on to the fun stuff!

With her becoming such a talker and social butterfly (after she warms up), we now have real conversations! It's crazy to think, but so much fun! The things she can come up with are hysterical!

She's always role-playing and having make-believe story time by herself. I never know when she's talking to them or me! haha Have I mentioned on here that she has an imaginary friend!? His name is Thomas (the train) and he's always on her shoulder or being put in alone-time or being scolded for not going to sleep at nap-time (by me, b/c when I reprimand her, I reprimand him! Is it bad that I'm acknowledging him too!?
haha ;-))

She's becoming so much more brave! She fed the animals at Huber's, went out on the beach (in the sand) and was galavanting in the water by herself (with a near-drowning experience...not really, but it sure did feel like it!). She put a life-jacket on, got in Patoka Lake and even went TUBING with Matt and I! To say we were BEYOND surprised and elated is an understatement!
Dude, not to mention, she's POTTY-TRAINED! Woohoo! We're still working on pooping in the potty (she always does it at nap-time in her pull-up.. I'll worry about that a little further down the line). We're almost there...

We're working on numbers 11-15. She knows her ABC's, colors and shapes. However, sometimes, she likes to mess with us. Especially me.

She's memorized 4 bible verses. It's a.m.a.z.i.n.g. what their little brains can do!

She's become quite the water-bug.

And, poor Mimi, has two mother's... Unfortunantly, Cyd doesn't always know her limits. Suffice to say, I have to come to her rescue a few times a day.

She amazes us each and every day....
Cydni Marie, your daddy and I love you so very much. You're such a sweet soul and you make he and I better people each and everytime we look into those gorgeous blue eyes.
Here's to another 6 months! ;-)
Much Love! Hope you had a great Sunday!

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