Monday, August 23, 2010

11 Months!

Seriously!? It's so surreal to think back on the past year... My next post on Miss Amelia is her 1st birthday party and that is completely crazy to me. This time last year, we were just moving into our house and painting it from head to toe anticipating when her arrival was going to be! Now, I can't even imagine what life was like without her! Like I say every month, she's such a sweet soul and her little personality is starting to shine through. I love her more and more with each and every breath I take. The Lord had a powerful plan for moms (and dads) and I thank Him everyday for letting me be a part of that plan! I love you my darling! Happy 11 months!

So, what's she up to these days?

She's starting to 'try' to repeat things we say. It may not sound like what we're saying, but it's like we're having a a conversation sometimes! ;-)

When she wants to, she'll blow us kisses.

Signing 'all done.'

Look how big she looks!

She'll hold our hands when we're praying... sometimes.

Starting to point to her belly when we ask her where it is.

Doing 'SO BIG'!

She snaps her fingers. Seriously! It even makes the snap sound!

She's starting to get a little more brave by standing by herself more often, but still for only a few seconds. She's cruising alot more though!

This may sound goofy, but Cydni didn't do it until she was like 18-24 months, but she's drinking out of straws! I don't know why I think that's such a big deal...


I'm a mess!

And, after this past weekend, she stayed with a sitter ALL WEEKEND! And, she did AWESOME! I'm so excited that it went so well. Matt and I had a blast with my besties in HOTlanta and we can't wait to do it again! She's such a trooper!

Happy 11 months my darling (a day late)! I love you oh-so much!


Brooke said...

So Sweet ... time goes by so fast! Glad she did so well this past weekend!

Loiclan said...

What a cutie pie. She looks more like her Grandma D every time I see her. Thanks for sharing.