Sunday, August 29, 2010


So, our first trip away from the girls was such a hit! We didn't worry one bit, b/c they were in very good hands with our cousin Brittany, so we were off on Friday around noon and back home on Sunday by 5. I'm ready for another one! haha! Brit, you ready for another weekend? ;-) JK.

Anyways, we went to Atlanta to visit Brooke & Brian (they just moved there from Cincinatti a few months ago). They were the best hosts' and we had a ball gallavanting around without a care in the world. It was really weird not having to worry about naps, diapers, meals, etc. etc. It was definitely good for the soul! I have to agree that everyone needs some time away. It benefits everyone involved, even the girls.

Brooke, Kelly, Krista & Lesley ~ You're the best friends a girl could ask for! I can't wait until we can all be together again. It felt like we were back in the good ol' days and that's when you know your friendship is true... when you just pick up right where you left off. We've been through alot together and have alot more life to live... hardships, aches, pains, joys, laughter and tears (of sorrow & happiness).. I'm always here for each of you and I'm just a phone call away! Love you all! Till next time!
Cheers to an awesome weekend!
80's Night! If anyone really knows us from the college days, they know we like to dress up! For example, the first big party at ATO Rose, like 10 girls from our dorm floor dressed up as different school girls. It was so much fun and a hit! So, in short, we were just reliving our glory days! ;-) Actually, 80's night was Brian's idea (Brooke's hubby who didn't attend school with us), but do you think we were going pass it up!? Not a chance!

The guys are all troopers! They played alot of Rock Band while us girls sat around and 'caught up'. Brian, the second from the right, is an absolute hoot! I have an entire post dedicated to him and his heisman tropy stance next.! It was HILARIOUS!

Magnum PI (aka: scary pedophile who should've been driving a blacked-out white van - his mustache just weirded everyone out!) and Idon'treallyknowwhoIwas... I just threw stuff together. Matt really did pull off his look. It was really weird seeing him like that. Especially, the shorts above the knees!

After 80's Night, we headed to Lake Allatoona. We had a ball! We all wake-boarded, or tried to and just hung out without a care in the world. It was beyond nice.
Love you girls!
This is Bill, Brooke's brother, who is so much fun. He came out on the lake with us (it was also his boat we were parading around in) and just fit right in. He's 'wake-surfing' here. Brooke would call him, Old Man, but a stranger would've never known it!
Matt taking a stab at 'wake-surfing.'

Our first trip, sans-kids = Success.
I must admit, we were exstatic to see our darling angels when we got home. They had so much fun with Miss Brittany and Cydni is still talking about her today. Neither one of them missed a beat.
Thank you again, B & B!
Can't wait till next time!
Much Love!


Brooke said...

Come back soon! Matt looks like a pro on that board ... he need to take it up as a sport! I will recruit you guys sooner or later. Thanks for making the trip ... I miss you guys like crazy now!! Not that I didn't before, but seeing you made it fresh on my mind. Love you!

Arlene said...

Love the photo of you and Matt in 80's clothing hahaha!