Friday, September 17, 2010

First 'rides'!

We've been enjoying this GORGEOUS weather with all kinds of outside activities!
The Jeep! They LOVE it!
Of coarse, Mimi has her thumb. We're starting operation 'thumb removal' SOON. I think on of her front teeth are already 'bucking' from it! NNOOO!
The infamous wagon! You can't have kids and not have a wagon! Mimi loves it! As I'm sitting here, I'm wondering why we haven't broke out the wagon sooner.. Then I remember that it went from spring to humid as all get-out summer in an instant. So, I went from carrying her in the Bjourn, to staying inside (or in the pool) and now, finally back out and about! Yay!
Happy Friday! Much Love!

Next post, MIMI's FIRST BIRTHDAY! c.r.a.z.i.n.e.s.s!

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Loiclan said...

My word, how that baby not only looks like her Aunt Beth, but acts like her too. Love it!!! They are both too cute for words.