Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Amelia is ONE!

I know I say this with every 'milestone' update, but it's absolutely insane to think how quickly our little girl has grown! I remember like yesterday, taking my 'last walk' with Cyd this time last year. I was literally barefoot and pregnant walking down our street! ;-) Matt took a picture of it, that's why it's so fresh in my memory, b/c I've been reminiscing getting ready for her big birthday party on Sunday! It's passed by in super-sonic speed compared to Cydni's first year with us. So, all you mom's with #2 or preparing for #2, brace yourselve's! It's ridiculous.

Poor baby got her shots today on her birthday... :-(

Her stats are:
23 lbs 12 oz ~ 90th percentile
30.25 in long ~ 75th percentile

So, onto some of Amelia's latest milestones, you can't possibly write them all down!

**She will tell you where her head & belly are**

**She's 'talking' on the 'phone'**

**Saying: dog, sis, dis (this), daddy, mama, shoe,baba, duck**

**She's cutting teeth #5 & #6**

**She's weaning off of formula. Only a few more days & we will be formula free! We've also cut out her late afternoon bottle and replaced with a sippy cup. I will be so glad to be done with those doc brown bottles!**

**She had her first weekend away from Mom & Dad and did AWESOME! We did too! ;-)**

**Becoming more and more of a daddy's girl!**
**We finally, moved her to her big girl car seat!**

**She's starting to stand on her own for a bit, but hasn't taken any steps.**

**She shakes, waves her hands and scoots around.... We call it dancing! ;-)**

**She's hugging, kissing and loving on her babies. So sweet!**

**Wasn't quite sure about her first pile of leaves...**

**She's mischievious! With Cyd, we never had to worry about outlets... But, with Mimi, that's one of the first things she went to when she started becoming mobile! With Cyd, we never found a roll of toilet paper unrolled... with Mimi, I found that 3 days ago.. ;-) She's definitely added a whole new dynamic to the family, but we love it! She's keeping us on our toes!! ;-)**

**As of tonight, she can crawl onto the couch. She used me as a prop, but I was impressed! Our little monkey..**

**She thinks she's such a big girl and tries to do everything 'Sis' does!**

**No one, and I mean no one, makes her laugh like her sissy does!**

**She's wearing alot of Cyd's 18 month clothes, but fits snuggly into 12 month clothes. I refuse to officially move her up until she wears some of my favorite Cydni outifits that are 12 months!**

This picture isn't staged.
So, we all know that everything isn't golden & glorious with two little tot's running around. This next part is sans pictures, but my time to 'be real' with you and to remind Mimi what a little turkey she can be! ;-)

**Her temper is starting to shine through! ;-) Don't get me wrong, she's sweet as pie 90% of the time, but boy that other 10% amazes me!**

Case in-point ~ Her least favorite word is no (mine too)! She will respond in one of three ways to said word...

1. It breaks her heart (and mine) ~ She'll instantly pucker up and let out a wail.

2. She'll let out a scream or grunt in protest... aka: minor tantrum.

3. Lastly, when I'm changing diapers or clothes and she gets mad for some unknown reason, she will buck her little tush up and stamp down her feet. Sometimes even kicking me! aka: TANTRUM!

We never had this with Cyd until the last few months, so I'm quite baffled! I never thought it would've started this young!

**We're also coming down hard on the thumb-sucking! Each time we see it in her mouth during the day, we pull it out and say, 'NO THUMB'! The little stinker will slowly bring her hand back up and pop it back in! She'll also try to put her 'pointer finger' in her mouth and even resorting to her wrist! ;-) What a turd! No lie, I said, 'NO THUMB' nothing short of 20 times at the end of supper last night! It's going to be a LLLOOONNNGGG process! I'm open to any other suggestions!!! hheellpp! ;-)

That's about all I can think of!

Happy Hump Day & Much Love!!

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Brooke said...

Cute pictures ... she looks so big! Hope she had a great day. Cake pics when you have them please! As for the thumb ... I let Kota have hers, it is one of the only things in the house that her siblings can't take from her, and it makes her happy!