Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Heisman Trophy Stance - Brian's interpretation!

First attempt. Obviously, playing around.
For real first attempt... Um, no.

Not quite. I'm laughing out loud here. If you know Brian, you are too. ;-)

Keep Trying.

Seriously, it's really easy. Just do this.

You mean, this?

Well, kinda sorta, um, no! Like this! Seriously, it's so easy!

OK, OK, I got it! Sorry, Brian, notsomuch.

Ok, this is all I got!

Stick a fork in me, I'm done! HAHA!
I'm quite certain that he never got the pose right. I bet he will perfect it by the next time we get together. I'll keep you posted! ;-)

We can always count on your for the laughs, Brian! Love you!

1 comment:

Brooke said...

Love it ... thanks for sharing all the pics ... my crazy husband!