Friday, October 22, 2010

13 Months!

I'm not quite sure when my baby got so 'big'. It's absolutely amazing the things she's doing now and how quickly she's picking things up. I attribute alot of it to Cydni 'helping' me. I try to include her as much as I can... to demonstrate signing and explaining to her about how to be a good example. She's two, so my expectations aren't too high, but she's been doing awesome being Mimi's 'little momma'! ;-)
Right now, Mimi is just exploding with more firsts'. I try to write them down as we go, but I'm sure I'm missing some. Anywho, here we go!
First time with a spoon! She did pretty good! Alas, we haven't done it much since, b/c it's just so much easier to do it for her... I know, I know... I just need to let her go at it.

Can you see a trend in the next few pictures!? ;-)
She loves her some babies! They always make her frowns turn upside down! ;-)
She's now signing: More, Please, milk and, out of the blue today, she did thank you! We're working on 'More, Please' now.
She knows where her head, belly, eyes and nose are.
She's saying two-syllable words now. Mostly, 'Mommy,' 'Daddy,' & 'Doggy'.
And, randomly, she says 'balloon'! Yes, you saw that right. We still have balloons from Cyd's birthday and from Yo Gabba Gabba, so they're an integral part of our days. ;-)
She knows what a duck is and that it 'quacks'.
I have to thank Cyd for helping me with the signing and body parts! She's usually the one demonstrating for me.
She has a new-found love for the slide! And, yes, her thumb and belly-button are like crack for her.
We introduced her to ketchup and she's a BIG fan!
She loves feeding me and picking things off the carpet and giving them to me. It reminds me when I need to vacuum! ;-)
She's had a runny nose the last couple days and I'll put a kleenex in front of her and say, "blow".... She blows!.... Just out her mouth! ;-) haha
Up to 6 teeth!
One reason I tend to feed her myself is because she's such a sloppy eater!

She's finally done with bottles! I held out awhile until I knew she was taking to milk in her sippy.. She just guzzles it down now.
Still taking two naps. I always wake her up by 11 in the morning though, so I know she'll go down with Cyd at 1... Love having some 'me' time during the day!
She's getting alot more brave with standing on her own and taking steps. She's up to 5 (the last two being quick steps, but hey, they count... right!? ;-)). Getting there!
And, lastly, her first pumpkin carving/painting adventure! It was actually Cyd's too. We didn't do much last year since Mimi was just a month old... I'm pretty sure Mom & Dad had a better time than both the girls! ;-)
There's that belly-button again! It's insane how much she 'needs' that thing!

That's all I've got! Happy Friday Night! I'm off to watch Project Runway!
Much Love!

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