Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Sorry, this post is all over the place! I really haven't wanted to blog lately! So, I'm starting with yesterday (Halloween), then last Monday (decorating cookies), then Friday (Navilleton Halloween Party), then two Sundays ago (Carving pumpkins)!
We kicked the day off with church, then my bro-in-law, Jerry, getting ordained! We are sososo proud of him and feel very blessed to be a part of his day! Congrats Uncle Dewey!
And, lastly, Trick-or-Treating! What a day!
We had the Naville's and Smith's (Tiff's family) over for some soup and gathering candy around our neighborhood. Count them up.. Yes, that's 20 PEOPLE including kids! It was so much fun!

Mimi was a flower this time. Cyd was a 'fairy bee'. ;-) haha
So, rewinding to last Monday, Matt and Mimi went to run some errands and Cyd and I had some one-on-one time decorating cookies! She had a ball and I'm pretty sure ate more sprinkles than decorated with! ;-) It was a fun night.

Now, rewind to this past Friday night, we went to the Navilleton Halloween Party (Jerry & Deb's church). It had alot of crafts, pumpkin painting, picture taking spot, potato bag racing, scavenger hunt, magic show, ... It was a good time!

'Da Boyz' and their kiddo's!

Matt and his 'bugs'. ;-)

And, finally, Pumpkin carving! I'm quite certain that Matt and I had a better time than the girls, but it was a fun time.

Very determined. We love the 'surface carver'! (Matt's Aunt & Uncle created it!)



All of our hard work!

That's it! Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween!
Much Love!


Brooke said...

So sweet. Look like lots of fun!

Emily said...

ahh:) very cute:) Both your girls looked adorable!