Sunday, October 17, 2010


While we were still coming off the high of Veggie Tales on Friday, that following Sunday we were given tickets to YO Gabba Gabba Live (for Monday, yes the next day)! Honestly, I've heard of Yo Gabba Gabba, but we've never watched the show... But, how could I pass this up! Another day out for us! So, that Monday morning before we took off, we were 'you-tubing' episodes! ;-) We got a good feel for it and were excited to go!

In our 'DJ Lance' glasses! ;-)
You can't really see it, but that's DJ Lance...

Go time!

She definitely got into it..

So, there's Brobee, Plex, Toodee (Cyd's fave, I think she just likes saying the name! ;-)))....
and I can't remember the other two...

So, in short, we had a great time!
Thank you for the tickets J & K!
We appreciate it so much!


katy said...

Okay, so that show is CRAZY! But K used to love it! We don't get it anymore, so she doesn't watch it now, but my friends and I always talked about how it was like crack for babies. :)

kidsinvite said...

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