Thursday, January 20, 2011

I've got a 3 year old, Princess!

Miss Cyd, and Evie, turned three this last week! I can remember both of their 'birth' days like it was yesterday and I love being able to share all of these special days with Tiff! (We're all still waiting on them to tell us they're pregnant too! ;-) haha).

Without further adooooo (sp?), thier Princess Party!

My Cinderella!

Cinderella & Rapunzel!
Two peas in a pod! They were so stinkin' funny
They both had a blast with Logan & Erin!

Yes, this idea was stolen from Kelle Hampton: 'Enjoying the Small Things' blog.

Soup was on the menu!

Debbie made the Cakes & Tiff made the cookie cakes!

Tiara's & Wands.

We had the girls color princess characters from their coloring books. Cheap & easy deco.!

Her first scooter! Thanks, Grandma D & Pappaw!

By far, opening a present! Too sweet for words!
It was a jewelry box with a ballerina twirling in circles to a song. Thanks Aunt Kasie, Uncle Jerry & the boys!

Watching the Pats go DOWN, post party! ;-)

Grandkids 2, 3 & 4... The girls are 2 days apart and Mr. Ben is 7 weeks younger. Fun times!

We love you so much, Cydni Marie!
You have such a sweet spirit, we think you're super smart, you're growing way too fast and .....
you are your mother! ;-) Sorry about that! ;-)
Much Love and Happy Friday!

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Loiclan said...

Beautiful princesses. Looks like a fun party. Thanks for sharing.