Sunday, January 23, 2011

NYC 2011

Matt had a work trip to NYC in early January and I tagged along! We were away from the girls for 5 days, missed them terribly, but had an awesome time together! Much needed! I'm assuming that's the last trip before babe #3 comes, so we savored every moment!
Matt will do anything to put a smile on the girls face! ;-) (Unbeknownst to us, if you take a picture with these fellas, they expect a tip! Stockings were out and ready right after the camera flashed! ;-))
We had a BLAST at the Letterman show! Tim McGraw (nice eye candy) and Shaq (hilarious!) were the guests'! We were even caught on camera a hand-full of times and I snagged a bird! ;-)

I wish the girls were with me to tour this store! It was awesome!
(How am I gonna cut out the 'F'!? grr! Still learning how to be a photographer with my new camera!)

I had to check this thing out! I LOVED the move 'Big'!

Never got on it though... I was touring by myself that day, so I was content with just watching this little fella dance around! ;-) Made me miss the girls!

Outside the Plaza Hotel were a ton of horse & carriages! Wish Matt was with me, b/c we would've definitely been joyriding around Cental Park in one!

Our hotel was just a few blocks away from the fashion center! You better believe I kept my eyes open for some celebrit sightings... but, to no avail, no such luck!

LOVED Rockefeller Center at night!

Did you hear about all the trash!? They weren't kidding! There were MUCH BIGGER piles than this hanging around!

The best Christmas tree I've ever seen!

The ball!

Luckily, we were there a week before they started taking down all of the Christmas decorations (However, Macy's had already taken down all of their Christmas deco in the windows... Apparently, they are a site to see)! You definitely can't beat a Christmas in NYC, but I'd take a trip there in the Spring or Fall anyday over winter! It.was.cold!

We had an awesome time and can't wait to go back!

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Brooke said...

This pics are great! Glad you had a good time. I love the Christmas photos!