Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Tumbling Class!

So, apparently, every post is about Cyd right now! Matt and I didn't really know what to get her for her birthday, she needs 3T summer clothes, but I couldn't bring myself to buy any, so we chose a tumbling class instead! And, let me tell you, she LOVES it!
***Rant Warning***
So, I call all of the local gyms for pricing... And, holy moly, how ridiculous are they!?!? Sorry, my child just turned THREE... I have no idea if she'll even LIKE this sort of thing and I will definitely NOT pay 100+ for a class and then a yearly fee! They are making some bank off parents! So, I heeded some advice from a friend from church who takes her kiddo's to the Park's and Recreation Classes. So, I call and get exactly what I'm looking for! A five week class (not too long, not too short!) for $35! Sign Cyd up! When the kiddo's get older and start showing their clear interests in sports/activities, Matt and I will be more than willing to spend more money on those classes, but not when I'm trying to 'feel out' what they're going to be interested in! Obviously, that's just my opinion... I hope I didn't offend anyone on that rant! ;-)

Anyways, here's our cutie in her leotard!
I'm trying to show her how to pose... Clearly, I'm not doing a very good job! ;-)

Gotta love the socks! :-)

Happy Tuesday!
Much Love!

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Loiclan said...

Can't believe how much she looks like Matt and how long her hair is. She's just too cute. I'm glad you found what you were looking for in tumbling classes. I agree with your rant. Too much money in the beginning. You did a good job researching. Now you'll have to watch Mimi take after her. She'll try to mimic her every action. Enjoy these years.

Hope you are feeling well with this pregnancy. Third time around with 2 little ones makes a big difference. Take care of yourself.