Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chucky Cheese's! (Birthday celebration #2)

Tad late, but it's been a crazy January for the Naville's!
We had the girls' birthday party on January 16th, which happened to be Evie's actual birthday, so when Cyd's big day arrived, January 18th, I just felt we should make it a special day too! So, we made our FIRST trek to Chucky Cheese's! I'm personally not a huge fan of the place, case in point: Cyd ended up getting strep soon afterward, BUT, she and Evie had a ball and it was worth all the chaos and so-so, but pricey pizza!

The BIRTHDAY girls! Love them!
Love, love, lover her Daddy too! He's the best!

Sister's having a ball! They were raising their hands like they were on a roller-coaster.

Evie's the brave one! We couldn't get Cyd in this thing!

Now, Amelia is maxin' & relaxin'!

While I was being the papparazzo and Matt was running after Cyd, Grandma D got some one-on-one time with Amelia!

Dancing Queen!

These girls love each other so much and have a ball anytime they're together!

The crew!

Happy Birthday, again, Cyd & Evie! Until next year, but please stop growing & getting sassy! ;-) hahaha!

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