Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun Times with Otis!

While Beth & John were hanging in the hospital, we got the pleasure to watch their other little fella, Otis! He is such a sweet spirited doggy! Cyd & Mimi loved having him & miss him so much! ;-)
Cyd playing with her favorite part of Otis... His ears! (However, I don't think she quite has his ears here, but that's what she was saying she was doing..??)
Mimi trying to get a glimpse of his collar.

She loved having Otis! She would scream, 'Oti, Oti, Oti!' Is was beyond cute!


I'm not quite sure the feeling was mutual with Otis... But, he didn't seem to mind all the chaos in the house!
He fit right in!
Happy Monday!

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