Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Other monthly happenings...

Along with the latest posts'... hello! I'm on a roll!... there's been a few other things going on.

All things princess around here lately!
An hour later, she had it all picked off! grrr!

Messy, messy eater! Not here, but she usually rubs anything she's eating in her hair and takes her plate, especially when there's ketchup on it, and rubs it all over her face! ugh! Atleast she's a good eater!

We've started computer time with Cyd. She loves it!
And, of coarse, Amelia has to get in on the action!

Ready for Ben's 'dress up' Birthday party! Love this costume. It will be her Halloween one too! ;-)

Snow White, of coarse! Now it's Mimi's costume of choice!
Cyd has given up & moved onto Aurora again. ;-)

First Tumbling Class complete!

Such a big girl!

Couldn't pass this picture up!

Don't let that sweet little face fool you! She's become quite fiesty!

Can't wait to get outside to take advantage of our new toys!

And, of coarse, Mimi's turn! ;-) She wants to be big like sissy so badly!!

Much Love!


katy said...

Cute! So you ended up with a fiesty one, eh? I thought that Bee would be my laid back one, but she already is a screecher and most definitely NOT laid-back. *sigh* :)

the lewis gang said...

that picture of amelia crawling with piggies in is SOOOO CUTE!!

Brooke said...

So so sweet and beautiful like their momma!