Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eli is 3 months old!

Where did this last month go!? Little dude is growing like a weed and smiling up a storm! He's such a blessing and a pure joy to be around! I am a puddle in his tiny little palm... Everyone always told me that there was something about a momma's little boy and they definitely weren't joking!

What's he been up to, you ask? Well.... all the fun is starting!
(not that the first 3 months aren't fun, they just start doing so much more after 2 months.)

~Doing lots of talking, smiling and giggling!!!!

~He's become an avid thumb-sucker! (Still not sure what I think about it!)

~Sleeping thru the night! (having a few hiccups lately tho)

~He made his first trip to Huber's for a pumpkin.
~3-6 month clothes

~Was a little monster for his first Halloween.
~4 naps

~Looking like a big boy!
~First trip to Evansville.

~His first photo with all the 'Hoehn Dudes.' :)
~Nursing every 3-4 hours and gets 1-2 ounces of formula in his night-time bottle.

~Met his buddy/cousin, Maverick.

~A first over-night stay up in Indy.

~He had his first romp in the leaves.

I can't believe his first Thanksgiving & Christmas are right around the corner!

Once again, PAUSE... PLEASE! :)

Have a great weekend!

Much Love!


The McAfee's said...

He is such a doll!! I am with you....pause please! :)

the lewis gang said...

he's so cute! there is nothing like a momma's boy! i was rocking jackson last night and he wanted me to rub his back and sing to him. i don't know that last time i've gotten to do that! even though he's almost 5, he will always be his mommy's boy!!! glad you get to experience that! :) and i love his little stripped button down shirt! that was jackson's, wasn't it? :)

katy said...

Super sweet last photo of them all in the leaves! He looks so big!