Monday, November 21, 2011


I have joined the world of owning an iphone and I finally understand what the craze is all about!! Mostly, because of the ability to take some great pictures and the ability to upload them right onto your blog, facebook, etc! It's fabulously addicting. I'm going to need an intervention. :)

My first 'phone dump'....

There's no stopping it....

Cyd is quite the hoarder. I will be ecstatic when this stage is over!

The year pile of leaves picture.

The things we do for a picture. Poor guy.

She a.d.o.r.e.s. Elijah.

Such a happy little dude!

In honor of tonight's game (which Matt is at).
Such a big boy.

Matt and I had to laugh because Ben (cousin) made the list BEFORE our dogs and Amelia and Eli. :) Pretty proud of that list though!

This is how tummy-time usually ends up. Chilling & sucking the thumb...

First attempt of a self-portrait.

Catching a sweet moment playing together.

Miss Arlene made Mimi this SWEET dress! I LOVE it!

I hope all is well with the blog world!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Much Love!


the lewis gang said...

mimi looks so big in that last pic! the dress is too cute! cydni and elijah look so much alike in that picture of them together. i think it's crazy how much the 1st and 3rd always look alike.

The Ledfords said...

Does Miss Arlene have an etsy page? So cute! Your family is precious... Happy Thanksgiving!

Andrea said...

Ashley ~ Not yet! She's talked about it though! I'm sure I'll post about it when she does. :)

So happy for you all!

Loiclan said...

Cydni and Eli do look alike but I can't decide if Eli looks more like Matt or Jerry. Different at times. And that Mimi, she and Beth need to take more pictures together. Your family of five (5) are beautiful and just perfect for each other. It would be great if the Navilles' and Lois' could get together sometime over the holidays since summer has come and gone. What do you think? I'm sure it would be a challenge but we can at least try. Love you all. May thanksgiving continue to bless your family. HUGS!!!

katy said...

Arlene! Gorgeous dress! And Mimi is getting so big! Love her haircut. :)

Andrea said...

Ashley, she said she'd take orders! :)

Jan, thank you! I would love to get together! We'll have to rent a space out! :). I love how big the families are getting! Endless blessings! We're always rating for you all!