Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cydni's FOUR!!!!

How is possible that I have a four year old!?!? Sister, you're really coming into your own. I'm just so proud of you. We have our normal snaffu's with your general sharing and you just being a girl, but you're ohso sweet to Eli and you and Mimi play so well together....mostly!!! haha! Four is starting out to be a great age! I must say, I think the best part so far is the fact that I can explain things to you and you finally UNDERSTAND! Like, how many sleeps it will be until we go to Evansville and why we can/can't do things and mostly, understanding the process of sharing... 'If Amelia shares her things with you, then don't you think a good choice would be to share your toys with her!?' you will usually come around. It's definitely made life easier!

My princess....

You're taking advantage of some of your birthday gifts here! New dress, headphones and Leapster Explorer!

The morning of your birthday. :)

Ready to celebrate at school! love.u.

We went to a bounce house place for you and Evie's party this year. It's an understatement when I say that you had a blast! :)

Your first school picture! Gotta love the fake smile and foam bracelet! ;) And, yeah, about school... you l.o.v.e. it! And you have quite an affection for a little boy named Rayden. It's quite insane how early this starts and I'm certain we're not ready for it! It's a good thing your innocent little heart only knows him as a 'boy' and a 'friend'... You haven't put the two together yet. phew!

Cydni ~ your Daddy and I love you more than words can describe! You have our hearts in the palm of your hands and you never cease to amaze us. You have a sweet heart and such a kind spirit. I must say, I think I've instilled my OCD tendencies in you. :) You're pretty set in your ways and are quite the picky eater!!! I've really got to get my rear in gear getting you to eat better! I feel like I've tried EVERYTHING! We shall see how it goes! You've won this battle for far too long.. haha! :)

I love you so much, sweet girl! To the moon and back and infinity and beyoooond!


kate said...

you have a 4 year old...this is crazy to me! i was cleaning out one of my "storage" bins the other night and came across pictures from your bachelorette party. Where has the time gone? Cyd is a lovely and lucky girl!!

katy said...

Happy Birthday, Cydni! She is so beautiful. :)

Emily said...

I remember following your blog when you had her! can't believe she is four!! Happy birthday precious girl!!