Saturday, February 11, 2012


Things have been carazy around here!  I clearly haven't done a very good job on my intentions of keeping up  with blogging!  There's good reason though!  My awesome, hard-working husband EARNED another promotion!  I'm beyond proud of him and I, more than anyone, knows that he deserves it!  Just call him the 'Director of Analytical Services.' :)  tehe!  I love bragging on him...  

With that promotion came some traveling.  I'm happy to make the sacrifice, but boy, it was rough.  The first week, Eli decided to change his sleeping habits and wake up all.the.time!  And, the second week, it twas I who was in the funk!  I just couldn't adjust my attitude.  The poor kids had to think I was the devil in disguise!  :)  haha.  It's all good now...  well, atleast for today! :) 

Pictures of the last few weeks.  Not the best quality because they are all iphone pictures...


4 year well-check!  How is it possible!?  First time in a gown! :)

Amelia and her new glasses!  I smile every.time I see her. :)  They're called Miraflex, and well, they flex.  They're plastic and literally indestructible.  It's our third type of glasses and I'm determined that these will work.  She destroyed the first pair...  The second pair just didn't fit her face right and she threw a fit every time we put them on her and, fingers crossed, third times a charm.

 We do 'alone time' each morning with the girls where they play by themselves for an hour with toys they get to pick out.  Cydni created this with her entourage.  :)

Picking Daddy up from the airport.  They love the moving walk-way!

Big Boy practicing his 'sitting' skillz. :)  6 months old today!  Post coming on more of his happenings soon! 

Croup struck baby girl like a thief at nap-time! :(  Literally, I put her down for her nap with just a raspy voice and she woke up with some crazy strider.  I took her straight to the doc and croup is the word.  She's been so much more susceptible to illness than Cydni ever was/is!

Cydni reading to Amelia.  l.o.v.e. :)

This will also be in his 6 month post, but hello two teeth that wreaked havoc on my boy!  I know that 'medically' they say ear infections are not caused by teething, but I beg to differ!
That's the jist of it!  My crazy life filled with kiddo's and their milestones! :)  haha.  

Much Love and Happy Saturday!

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