Sunday, February 19, 2012

Half Birthday!!!!!!???

So, here we are again...  somehow, another month has flown by!  My sweet boy is in full-swing mile-stone mode and I can barely keep up...  I just love this age. minus the illnesses!  He really would try to be happy when he wasn't feeling well, but it wouldn't last terribly long.  

First Valentines Day!
Pardon my eyes...  I'd been up since 4:30 am!  a.n.o.t.h.e.r. double-ear infection! :(  Sounds like if he gets another one, or if this antibiotic doesn't do it's job, we'll be visiting an ENT.  :(  Makes me so sad.

Weight: 18 lbs - 50%
Length: 26 3/4" - 50%
Head Circumference: 18" - 90%

Perfect little dude!

Puffs!  These are great for a distraction when I'm trying to finish eating! 

Food!  At this point, he loves him some green beans, bananas and oatmeal and is not much of a fan of yogurt!

Two teeth!  Thankfully, he hasn't tested those puppies out on me yet! :)

Cyd 'reading' to her captivated audience!  haha.  
He's getting better and better at sitting up with each passing day.

Look closely at that hair up there!!!  :)  I can't get it to lay down!  Some people call it a feaux hauk, but Matt and I think it's a rooster tail!  It's crazy!  :)

Part of his 6 month pictures.  Trying to finish up the rest.  
Since he wasn't feeling well this week, I figured I'd wait for another day.

He has quite a relationship with his feet! ;)

My loves.  I say this every month, but the girls can't get enough of their little dude. :)
I feel bad for taking pictures on this day!  Look at his poor, sick eyes!

Rolling!  Which means he's becoming a belly sleeper!  Yay!  
In my opinion, babies sleep better when they're on their belly!

He's still trying to figure out the sippy-cup.  Right now, it's pretty much just a toy.

Happy Monday ya'll! 

Much love!

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the lewis gang said...

so crazy to think he is 6 months already!!! maz is so tiny...eli weighs 3 more pounds at 6 months than maz did at 9 months! eli is just a doll!!!