Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Elijah is 7 months!

Baby boy is getting so big!

I'm not quite sure where the time is going, but it just seems like yesterday I was writing his 6 month post!  I'm not even going to state my intentions on blogging, b/c I fail at it every time!

Little dude has mastered sitting up!  
He's so stinkin' sweet with crazy hair! :)

We're loving this spring weather!!!
First swing

and, first walk!

He's reaching for us! Another one of my favorite milestones!

I love him in his little pj's and I can't stop slicking his hair over! :)

If he's not sitting up playing with his toys, he's rolling everywhere!

He's eating tons of foods!

I've got to post a picture of my girlies!  
They're not getting much love right now on the bloggy blog, but hopefully soon! :/

He loves pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo!

Surprise, surprise, he's a mama's boy!  When I'm nursing him and he wants my attention, he'll grunt & either grab my face or kick his feet!  It cracks me up!

His first trip to Berry Twist!

That's about it right now! :)

Much Love and Happy Wednesday!

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