Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amelia's in underwear!

Say it ain't so!  My girl is getting too big!  This blog-post has been a month in the making, but I was too scared I'd jinx it!  We still have a few accidents, but I can't get upset, because she stops herself and finishes on the toilet!  :)

Sister is even wearing pantie at naptime!  One day she threw a fit about putting a pull-up on, so I said, 'what the heck,' and she hasn't had an accident yet!

It's been a pleasant surprise!  I was totally dreading this with her, but she once again proved that #2 does things in their own time and in their own way!

Much Love and Happy Thursday!

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the lewis gang said...

darbi was/is the same way. #2 is definitely their own person doing things their own way in their own time! way to go, mimi!!