Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eli is 9 months old!

Oh dear, this time thing is for the birds!  :)  I mean, seriously, wasn't it just yesterday that Matt and I were getting married!?  No?  Oh, we'll, I guess I'm a little confused!?  Gah, it's been another crazy month and that just makes time move even faster!  It seems there isn't a 'down' month anymore!  :(  

Anyways, Eli's 9 months old now!  i.n.s.a.n.e.

To say this month was easier on my sweet man would be a lie.  Yes, he has tubes now, but that doesn't relieve strep (and a cold on top of that)!  :(  I am thankful that his sweet little body wasn't trying to fight an ear infection too, b/c I know that if it weren't for the tubes, he would've had one of those too!  Alas, all is well now and we've been on the up and up for about 10 days now...  who's counting??  haha.

My first Mother's Day with three!  It was a great day.  :)

He's got 4 teeth!  

Mr. Mr. weighs 20.2 lbs - 25-50th percentile
is 29.25 in long - 75th percentile
& 19.25 in head circumference - off the charts

Matt calls him 'jah' 'jah'.  I call him 'Julio'. (????)

Playing 'peek-a-boo' with himself!

He does a 'Stevie Wonder' thing with his head.

First hair cut!  I just had to get rid of those wings growing over his ears! :)

Feeding himself!  (puffs, etc.)

Up on hands and knees and scooting himself backwards.

First tastes of ice cream.  The picture is deceiving, b/c he loved it!

This picture was when he was just starting to feel better!  Gotta love snot bubbles!

He found his junk!  :)  tehe!

And, I know I mention this every time, but these two have such a special bond.  She's always willing to lend me a hand if it's for him.  :)

Until next time!  Much love!

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