Thursday, December 6, 2012

Amelia's first surgery!

So, Matt and I's anatomy must be awful, b/c all of our kids have had either a procedure (tubes) or surgery (tonsil/adenoidectomy)! Elijah has tubes and the girls had the surgery. Dr. Shotts (our ENT) is seriously banking off of us! :). He's a great doctor and we completely trust him... Obviously! :)

Amelia was our latest victim to having a tonsil and adenoidectomy! Poor, sweet girl didn't know what hit her! I always hate that first hour after surgery when they're coming off drugs! They're so out of sorts and not themselves. :(. It's heart-wrenching! I'm so glad that parts over and we're onto recovery at home!

I love my sweet girl and hope that she will find some comfort once she heals! :)

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