Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rough Day...

Poor Miss Cyd. We had a rough day yesterday! She's had a fever that I believe is a result of teething AND a virus. Ben & Jude had a virus this past weekend and Cyd is showing the same symptoms of that AND when I went to brush her teeth, there was a tinge of pink on her toothbrush. So, it's been two beasts fighting to weaken her immune system! ;-) UGH! I can't complain, b/c she's still sleeping pretty good...knock on wood, but oh goodness, when she wakes up, she SCREAMS! And nothing will settle her down, but good o' "Farm Animals" by Baby Einstein! ;-) She'll be crying and then do a little jig when she sees that rooster & cow! haha.

So, what do you do when you have a baby who's teething like she's 6 months old, doesn't want to swallow (I can tell by the cringe on her face when she takes a drink or doesn't do a "full" cough) & is running a fever??? Well, of coarse, strip her down and put a bib on! ;-) I let her keep some of her dignity though by keeping her capri's on her! ;-) I know she'll thank me later!

Mommy letting me watch a lot more t.v. in one day than she ever thought she would! ;-)
Don't forget about that t.v.!
Mommy, Please get that camera away from me! Not today for cryin' outloud!

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the lewis gang said...

poor little babe! jackson was a hard teether as a toddler. and when he got his 2 years molars, he was just insane for couple of days not listening and following directions. tv and a paci during teething never hurt us! good luck! :)