Monday, March 22, 2010

6 months!

Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive! (Spoken just like my father-in-law). However, he is usually saying it when one of the kids are throwing a fit or out of control wild! ;-) I'm saying it in the context that it's just plain CRAZY! Our Mimi is already a half of a year old!
What's happened in the past month?
She loves giving us these wide-mouthed smiles! If you don't smile at this, there's something wrong with you! ;-) kidding.. kind of! haha

We've FINALLY started solids a few weeks ago. Just in the past few days, she's really gotten the hang of it. She's done oatmeal, peas and squash. I've got carrots, but I'm scared to give them to her b/c alot of kiddo's don't take well to them. I'm off to the grocery tomorrow to get some more to try!

She's still sitting up like a gorilla.. For longer periods of time, but the moment she picks her hands up, she goes TIMBER! ;-)

We've started the first step of weaning for us. She gets 2 ounces of formula in a bedtime bottle... My goal was 6 months... Unbelievably, that's here. And, I'm not 100% ready... So, I'm going to keep doing the 2 ounces in the bottle at night, then in April, I'm going to think about increasing that amount and moving to the next bottle. I'm still going to have to pump alot to to wean off of formula, but I'm perfectly fine with that. It's a hard process b/c you have to wean off the breast AND off the breastmilk, so I'm taking baby steps with her so I don't completely mess her system up. We'll get there! No rush...

She'll 'reach' for me! Love it!

Our First walk in the Bjorn! She loves it! Especially when she's turn outward!

She's finally rolling from her back to belly! For some reason though, she hasn't figured out how to get back to her back and she will let you know! I can't quite figure it out b/c she's been doing that for quite some time now.. Hard-telling...

She loves her jumperoo! And, she likes her exersaucer... We've been getting alot more use out of those lately...
She's gotten up to 25-30 minutes of pack-n-play time. This is basically when she has 'alone' time. At the same time, Cyd is doing blanket time for 40 minutes and I get to get the kitchen cleaned up and a few other odds and ends done... I just implemented this a few weeks ago and it's working out really well!

Hope you have a great Monday!


katy said...

I can't believe that she is 6 months already! Blanket time? Will Cyd seriously stay on a blanket for you? We do room time, no way could I get Kendra to stay on a blanket. :) I can barely get her to stay in a room.

Andrea said...

Yeah, she does pretty good staying on her blanket. It helps that Amelia is in the same room and I'm in the next room... When those two things are off, she doesn't last as long... We started out with short incremements of 10 minutes and worked our way up... You should try.. She might surprise you! ;-)

I had to do blanket time, b/c I don't trust her to be quiet back in her room... Amelia generally goes off for a nap before she is done with her time.