Monday, October 11, 2010

Amelia's First Trip To The Zoo!

And, she LOVED it!

I was amazed at how observant and aware she was of all the animals! We will definitely be getting membership for next year! ;-)

This was another fun trip planned for her birthday and we all had an absolute ball. I'm loving this stage with both of my girls.. most of the time! ;-) haha. I could do without the mini-tantrums and picky eating, but that comes with the ages, right!? ;-)

Enjoy the pictures!

Best Buds. for now atleast.
I assume, if she could talk, she would be saying, 'LOOK AT THAT PEACOCK!' ;-)

Love this picture!

Very skeptical at first, but she warmed up to touching it!

She was in her element with all of the animals!

Daddy and his girls.

Birthday Girl!

She loved the Gorilla's!

Mommy & her girls.

We skipped her morning nap. She did awesome the whole time, but man, 5 minutes into the trip home, she was OUT! She had too much fun!

Much Love! Happy Monday!

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