Monday, June 18, 2012

Elijah is 10 months old!

My little man is just getting so big!  He's so stinkin' sweet and has the goofiest head of hair! :)  haha!  He's quite the mama's boy, but I know he will grow out of it too soon, so I'm trying not to care too much what people think about it!  I love him to pieces (obviously...he's my child, but it's just instinctive to write it!) and want to just freeze time right now.  Yes, we do have hard times, but man, he can just bat those baby blues and smile with his little beaver teeth and I melt like putty!  :)

Anyways, onto the milestones!

I wish pictures could do alfalfa justice.  It.never.lays.down!  
He doesn't help the situation by always playing with it...

Sweet boy...  He's finally army crawling around and does the cutest (and fastest) little backward scoot!

He's saying: 'hi,' 'bye,' and 'uh oh!'  :)
He's also doing 'pat-a-cake' and 'SO BIG'!

He and his daddy are growing quite the bond...  He better step back!  haha!  JK! :)

He's on all formula now and eating all table food.

He will stand when we place him up on something.

Starting to imitate us.

He LOVES water!

Future Mrs. Naville???  :)

Time, please stand still!  
Crazy to think that I need to start thinking about his first birthday!!!  :/  Mixed emotions!

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