Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Elijah is 11 months old!

I swear, I can't get my stuff together!  I can't do anything 'on-time' anymore.  But, alas, atleast it's getting done!  :)

So, here it is, Little man is 11 months old!  I sure can't believe it.  As most of you know, it just flies by!  He's really coming into his own and is such sweet boy.

This month he:

Went to Florida for the first time!  And, he LOVED it! 

He's a dancing machine!

Always looking around for his sisters!  
(Their room is at the end of this hall.)

Putting himself up in the sitting position.

Loves his new sturdiness in standing!

Tooth #5 popped through!
(and #6 is working it's way as I type!)

The boat ride was by far his favorite part of our trip!  
He was smiling the whole time!

He loves the water!

Signing 'more' & 'all done'.

Pointing at everything!

He's a stink!  When we say 'no', he'll shake his head no and smile at us!

I'm now trying to wrap my mind around planning his FIRST birthday party!  I've got it all in my head, I just can't get my act together to start gathering things up!  Imagine that!  ;)

That sums it up!  Happy Thursday!

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