Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 2012 in review

So, my hubs is out of town...  I hate going to sleep when he's gone, so I've been finding every reason not to go to bed!  :)  I'm watching the olympics, pinning, facebooking,surfing the web and then it dawned on me...  I need to do a blog post!  :)  Notice, I did not mention one thing related to cleaning!  ha!  

So, our past month has been pretty low key...  Don't be alarmed...  there are few pictures of Little Man and there's a good reason!  I'm saving them for his FIRST BIRTHDAY post!  crazy, unreal, bitter-sweet and holy smokes, where in the world did the time go!?!?

Anyways, I'll save that for that post.  I hardly ever take pictures with my big camera anymore!  Gotta love the Iphone!

We've done a lot of swimming in the backyard.

We went to Evansville to visit my family for my niece & nephews birthday party.
The best-dressed kid I know!  Cash ~ one of my nephews.

Played beauty salon.  It was so much darker in real life!

Hoehn 'Boy' Cousins.  Best picture I got.  :/

Hoehn  'Girl' Cousins.

Sweet girl napping in Eli's crib.  :)

Fast friends.  Cydni loved Miss Kendra! :)

First 3-man bath experience!  Crazy! 

Sweet Birthday kiddo's!

Loved spending time with old co-workers!  Miss these girls!

Maverick & Elijah.

Amelia at her first day of an organized school...  Summer camp!

You never know what you're gonna get with this one! :)

I always get so sentimental when my kiddo's are in bed...  I should've done this..  I was too hard on them with this...  I'm mean, distracted, etc. etc. etc....  Oh, the joys of parenting!  

Another month in the books! 

Much Love!

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the lewis gang said...

i do the same thing andrea! about getting sentimental when they are in bed. if one of them had a rough day, i just look at them and my heart burst with love for them even though i may have caused their bad day. yes, it's the joys of parenting!! looks like a busy month for you guys! and i LOVE amelia's hair!!!